Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reviewing Keel's Jadoo

Over at Mysterious Universe, I review the new (and expanded) version of John Keel's first ever book, Jadoo.

If you have never read Jadoo, then you should!

You can find the review here.

And here's the opening paragraphs of the review:

"I became acquainted with Jadoo – the first book ever written by John Keel – back in the late 1980s, when a friend in the Fortean field loaned me a copy. Having eagerly read The Mothman Prophecies when I was about twelve or thirteen, I equally eagerly devoured Jadoo. And a damn good read it was too! But, since I never personally owned a copy of the book, I have to confess that, as time passed by and the years progressed, I pretty much forgot about it. Until now. Yep, Jadoo is back!

"Thanks to the good folks at Anomalist Books, Keel’s book is with us once again. And, yes, you can purchase used, old copies of Jadoo online, but there are very good reasons why it would be much wiser – and far more rewarding – to invest in a copy of the new edition. I’ll explain why, at the end. But, before we get to all that, if you haven’t read Jadoo, you may already be thinking: What’s Nick on about and what is Jadoo about? I’ll tell you."

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