Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mind Games and Alien Abductions

"When, in the mid-1980s, plans were formulated by the iron-fist regime of then-Prime Minister Thatcher to base nuclear 'Cruise' missiles at strategic military bases in the British Isles, it provoked massive demonstrations on the part of the general public – and particularly at a military establishment called Greenham Common.

"As a result of the planned placement of missiles at Greenham Common, a large group of women peace-protesters set up camp outside the base. It wasn’t long, however, before many of the women began to experience a series of disturbing symptoms, including deep depression, overwhelming anxiety attacks, intense migraine-like headaches, alarming losses of short-term memory, and much more of a distinctly mind-destabilizing nature."

The above is how my latest Mysterious Universe article begins.

And here's how it continues...

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