Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Abominable Snowman: Thursday

If you're in the US, and are into all things of a Bigfoot and Yeti nature, well this Thursday you're in for a treat. At 11.00 AM, central time, the Fox Movie Channel will be airing what is, in my opinion, the best movie ever made on such matters.

I'm talking about the 1957 production from Hammer Film Productions, The Abominable Snowman, starring Forrest Tucker and Peter Cushing.

Hammer made some great films, but this is one of the best. And the good news is that it does not take the tired and predictable approach of so many of today's crappy cryptozoological movie-makers. I mean, of course, having the creature slaughter - one by one - a bunch of kids in the woods.


The Abominable Snowman is very different.

Yes, it's packed with intrigue and suspense, but (unlike so much of today's cheaply made rubbish) it's also filled with a great deal of thought-provoking material on the nature of the Yeti.

In fact, as we learn more about the creature, things become downright spooky. Indeed, certain scenes are unforgettable in the enigmatic stakes.

If you've never seen The Abominable Snowman, you're in for a great treat. If you have, well, watch it again!


  1. I'm highly gratified to see that someone besides me appreciates Hammer's "Abominable Snowman," starring one of my favorite actors the late Peter Cushing. I like the realistic plot-device of having the main characters succumb to delirium due to the altitude. The viewer then begins to wonder if, in fact, what the characters are seeing is real or just a product of their imaginations. Thanks, Nick, for giving this Hammer gem some much-needed PR. Regards, Garrett Meadows

  2. Yeah, I like the fact that they keep the whole thing kind of ambiguous and open to interpretation. That actually makes it more eerie than if it was just a regular horror-type film!