Monday, February 18, 2013

The Beast-Man That Wasn't

Matt Salusbury provides us with an entertaining story of a quest for the truth about a certain "British Bigfoot." It's a post that opens as follows...

"In November last year, there were widespread news reports  of a sighting of what became known as the Tunbridge Wells Bigfoot, a roaring, black hairy figure 'eight feet tall' with red eyes that startled an eyewitness walking on The Common at night. London Cryptozoology Club decided to investigate.

"It should be noted that we went to Tunbridge Wells with a very sceptical view of this so-called 'Tunbridge Wells Bigfoot' (TWB) phenomenon. We were particularly sceptical of an online posting by 'Greham S,' who claimed that a courting couple on a bench in The Common had witnessed the 'Ape-Man' back in World War Two."

And here's where you can find the full story, as well as a number of related photos...

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