Saturday, February 23, 2013

Expeditions of the Monstrous Kind

My newly-posted Lair of the Beasts article at lists the top three expeditions of the cryptozoological kind I'd like to go on if I had the chance.

It starts like this...

"Now and again I get asked something along the lines of: 'What strange creature, which you haven’t yet searched for, would you like to chase down?' Well, it’s a good question. The world is a very big place and there are a lot of weird beasts out there. But, there are a few specific and amazing animals I’d like to go looking for which, so far, I haven’t had the opportunity.

"Imagine coming face to face with a ferocious, carnivorous monitor lizard with a length of somewhere between fifteen and twenty feet – maybe even closer to twenty five feet – and a weight in excess of at least a ton.

"Not in times long past – since the creature under the microscope is widely assumed to have become extinct around 40,000 years ago - but right now, deep in the heart of the sub-tropical rainforests of Australia. You think it couldn’t happen?"

And here's the rest of the article, and the lowdown on those three...

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