Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bigfoot: Mistaken Identity

I've come across some strange stories of Bigfoot in my time, but this one - which can be found at my latest Lair of the Beasts column at - is, beyond any shadow of doubt, near the top of the list in the downright odd stakes!

And, yes, the photo above does play an integral role in the story!


  1. Aye, I remember you taking that photo. Pity we missed the T. Rex later on (I've looked for that one in subsequent years, but it has gone now). I can however empathise with the lady who saw that sculpture; first time I attended the Weird Weekend I foolishly drove home on the Sunday night.

    I can drive at night quite happily usually, but there's something about dark, unfamiliar roads and a long journey after a nice meal and an entertaining evening that saps the soul of anyone. Motorways by night are deadly dull, monotonous places, hypnotic in their dreariness. Driving them I can easily see how someone could drift into an altered state, to be jolted aware by weirdness looming from the gloaming.

    These days I try always to do big journeys by daylight.

  2. The "Wicker Man" is still lurking in the field at side of the M5,or at least he was when I was last down that way in September 2011.
    He and his various companions have been in the fields for more years than I care to remember, although his wicker friends do vary from time to time.
    Someone must be very keen on building outsize creatures from willow or similar material, as at different times over the years, as well as the large wicker man, I have seen a slightly smaller version of the man (possibly his wife), sheep, cattle, camels and on one occasion there was what appeared to be a big cat. They are usually spread across the fields near the motorway for a distance of a couple of miles or so. Unfortunately the smaller creatures are sometimes partly hidden by the hedges so only the heads are visible.