Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The MIB: Phone Freaks

I've got a new post up at Mysterious Universe that digs further into the whole issue of phone interference as it relates to the Men in Black, and which expands upon my odd experience on Saturday night's Coast to Coast show (see below).

In fact, since doing the show I've got an incredible number of new MIB cases to dig into, and there even seems to be "something in the air" these past few days re the MIB. And not just because of the release of Men in Black 3.

It's almost like there's something going on. But, I'm not sure what...yet...

Anyway, I'll be digging into the new stuff and will update you here on all new revelations as and when I can, and the witnesses permitting, of course.

In the meantime, here's my new Mysterious Universe post.

Yes, that's me being a MIB above, with an alien MIB in attendance. I'm pretty sure I'm the one on the left LOL.


  1. How's the MIB case file round up going Nick, anything new & or interesting mate?

  2. Yeah, still digging, and masses of new data on case from the present day and reports going back decades. It's still very much an on-going phenomenon.