Monday, May 28, 2012

MIB, Coast to Coast, and Crazy Phones!

Well, Saturday night's Coast to Coast show on the Men in Black mystery went very well. It was a 3-hour-long episode (1AM to 4AM) in which I discussed with the show's host, John B. Wells, the many and varied complexities of the legend of the Men in Black.

We covered a lot of ground, such as the saga of Albert Bender, Gray Barker's significant part in the MIB controversy, the MIB-Mothman connection, the many and varied theories for who - or what - the Men in Black might be, and much more.

But, there was something else too...

Normally, whenever I do a radio show, it goes ahead without a hitch. But, not when I'm talking about the MIB.

On many occasions now, when that subject surfaces, we seem to encounter endless telephone interference - which is, as many will know, a staple part of MIB lore.

And, indeed, the Coast to Coast show was no different. On four occasions, the landline dropped. Then, so did my cell phone, which I use for an emergency back-up. And, it was an hour or so after the show began that normality was finally restored.

If this happened only once or twice, I would put it all down to glitches in the phone connection. But, as listeners to some of my previous shows on the MIB may know, this happens frequently - even to the point of where I pretty much anticipate it occurring!

Tricksters? A warning? Maybe time will tell!

And for those who may want to listen to Saturday's show, or read a recap of the episode, you can do so right here.


  1. Enjoyed the show greatly Nick. By the way, I was having tons of trouble with my little transistor radio while trying to get tuned in to C2C -- I don't have that trouble as a rule. Coincidence? Only the MIB know for sure!

  2. Thanks, Regan! I have had a lot of feedback from the show, and got some new cases (or, rather, newly reported - some date back decades) of MIB, all of the creepy, pale type. Some very weird but highly intriguing stories.