Friday, May 11, 2012

Jim Marrs on BoA

Tim Binnall, of Binnall of America, has emailed me with the following. If conspiracies are your thing, you won't want to miss this one!

Jim Marrs, BoA:Audio, Season 7 premiere, 1 Hour, 43 Minutes:

BoA:Audio begins another journey into the world of the esoteric, the unknown, the paranormal, and the parapolitical as we launch Season 7 of the program with our traditional premiere guest: the legendary Jim Marrs. Among the topics discussed in this freewheeling conversation are ancient aliens, UFOs, the nefarious New World Order agenda, technology and surveillance run amok, weather manipulation, population control, Ron Paul and the 2012 election, and how dire the geopolitical landscape looks for those of us hoping to see a better tomorrow. Alongside the doom and gloom are plenty of laughs, sober reflections, and nostalgic looks back at how the world has changed since we sat down in August of 2005 to begin this program. Buckle up for another wild ride, because BoA:Audio, Season 7 has arrived !

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