Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrities and the FBI

Back in 2007, my Celebrity Secrets book was published and revealed the extent to which - for decades - the FBI closely, and secretly, spied on a whole host of celebrities - of TV, movies, books and music.

The reasons were, of course, the usual ones: drugs, Mob links, communist ties, sex with politicians, and much more of an entertainingly scandalous nature!

Well, the FBI has recently added some new celebrity secrets to its Vault website, and here they are:

1. New material on John Lennon. I wrote about the FBI/Lennon file in Celebrity Secrets, but the new papers add to what we know about official interest in the dead Beatle.

2. The Orson Welles FBI file was actually released some time ago, but is newly-posted online for those that may want to read it.

3. And here's the 10-part FBI dossier on Charlie Chaplin, also now online.

4. Finally, the following may be of interest: In Celebrity Secrets I included a chapter on the strange story of the FBI, espionage and adventure, and Ernest Hemingway. It so happens that Loren Coleman has a cool new post on Hemingway that you can find right here. And, here's one more from Loren, on the "Hemingway Curse", an article from 2007 that is newly-updated.

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