Monday, May 21, 2012

A Guitar God With A Chequered Past

My old mate - and sometimes partner in crime - Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology has a new post that covers (A) a guitar god (Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols), (B) the same guitar god's time spent in a band that should have been huge but sadly weren't (Chequered Past), and (C) a fine and entertaining new piece of footage that sees Jonesy donning a kilt for the occasion!

Here it is!

And  why, exactly, should Chequered Past have been huge? Well, I'll tell you: everyone in the band was a star (Michael Des Barres, Steve Jones, Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison from Blondie, and Tony Sales, who played with Iggy Pop and also with Tin Machine).

With Jones' signature guitar sound in evidence (a style many have tried to replicate, but have failed to come even close), and Des Barres' vocals, Chequered Past kind of made me think of the Sex Pistols meets Journey.

Now,  I know that Jon will be horrified (utterly horrified!) to learn that someone who mainly listens to punk occasionally veers away into other musical realms. But, I don't care. I quite like Journey. There, I said it!

And when the songs are good, and Jones' playing is blistering, then all is good!

Stand out tracks for me on Chequered Past's one and only full-length release are Underworld, World Gone Wild, and Tonight and Every Night.

Jonny, it's now all up to you to get them to reform. The world is waiting and the future of the planet depends on it!

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