Monday, May 28, 2012

The Hackney Horror

On May 24, over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman posted an intriguing article on a series of curious photos said to show a weird-looking animal at England's Hackney Marshes. You can find Loren's article right here.

As many within Forteana will know, the marshes are legendary for sightings of odd things, including (rather astonishingly and controversially!) bears, both physical and ghostly.

And, you can find more from me on these additional rogue-like cases from Hackney Marshes at Cryptomundo.

First, there's this one, that links to a feature good mate Neil Arnold (pictured with me above a couple of years ago) wrote on the Hackney mysteries.

Second, is this story, which reveals the latest news and theories on the creature - which, of all things, ties in with a UK rock band!

And, finally, there is this post from me, which covers an issue raised in the previous article. Namely, that of a famous Canadian dog and its ties to Cryptozoology...


  1. Looking at those photos Nick (the first two of which resemble some fat arsed furry jerking off in the grass - the second two his rain drenched dog) one couldn't blame more cynical types for being struck by how almost supernatural it is the photographer managed to get shots of the critter first 'facing' to the left then to the right (either by the good fortune of having it head off in the opposite direction or [to go by the change in terrain] completely circumnavigating it) all without either disturbing it or without once managing to get a shot of its head?

  2. Things are never straightforward in Forteana! They probably never will be. And, let's face it, photos are as much a bonus as they are a bane to Fortean investigations!