Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kithra Goes Underground

For those interested in the mysteries of London - or, rather, the mysteries below London - then the new article from good friend Kithra is bound to be of interest!
She says in her opening words:

"During the early part of 2012 there was a BBC documentary series on TV about the London Underground, called The Tube. In one of the episodes a couple of the tube drivers spoke about people who had thrown themselves under a tube train in order to commit suicide. This, they told us, was referred to as a 'one under.'  And it got me thinking about the possibility of ghosts being reported on the Underground. So, after some research, here are a few of the stories I’ve found. Of course, some are probably no more than urban legends while others may be true. But, no matter which category they fall into I still find them interesting.

"Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the details of many of the cases are not as comprehensive as I would like them to be. Nor do I consider this to be one of my better articles – for both of which reasons I apologize! However ………

"When you consider that the London Underground is over 140 years old, and has approximately 250 miles of track, most of it running underground, together with some tunnels that are still unaccounted for to this day, then it would hardly be surprising to find that it was haunted in places. Also, in many locations, when the original tack was being laid it encountered old plague pits where the bodies of those who died in that terrible affliction back in the 17th Century were buried. So, I’m going to list the supposedly haunted stations in alphabetical order."

And, if the above-extract has caught your attention, here's the link to the complete article.

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