Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Search of Monsters

And there's yet another new post from me at Mysterious Universe today. Nothing to do with MJ12 as described in the post below, though.

Nope: this one is all about Bigfoot and the strange things that sometimes occur during an expedition of the cryptozoological kind...

As I note at the start of the article:

"Sometimes, I’m asked – and particularly so at conferences – what’s it like going on an expedition in search of all-things of a supernatural, paranormal, ufological, cryptozoological or Fortean nature? Well, sometimes it goes very much like the following, which gives a good indication of what life is like in the field when pursuing the odd, the eerie and the downright uncanny. It was February 2008, I was on the road with Lance Oliver, of the Texas-based Denton Area Paranormal Society, and we were headed for Lake Ray Roberts, Texas – where something strange and monstrous had reportedly been seen…"

And here's the complete article.

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