Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conspiracies and Secret Societies

Just recently I received in the mail a review copy of the new book from Brad and Sherry Steiger - without doubt the most prolific duo in the entire history of Forteana!

In fact, so incredibly prolific are Brad and Sherry, I sometimes wonder if they are actually human, or if they might really be shape-shifting entities from some strange and unearthly realm, cunningly disguised as members of the Human Race to allow them to move and work among us.

Indeed, Brad and Sherry don't just write books now and again, or as the mood takes them. Rather, they unleash them upon us just about as regularly as the rest of us change the TV channels!

In other words, they are a veritable and collective book-factory! No human, surely, is capable of such astonishing actions.

Frankly, I think it's all a conspiracy - which, given the subject matter of their new book, is very appropriate!

The good thing about the collective works of Mr and Mrs S is that quantity does not overshadow - or replace - quality. In fact, it's because of the quality of the book that I'm reviewing their latest release right now. Its title? Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier (Second Edition).

If conspiracies, cover-ups and high-level secrets are your thing, then this new title is one you won't want to miss - at all.

Running in at almost a whopping 600-pages, it's packed with data on all sorts of suspicious cover-ups of a wide range and variety that encompass Forteana, politics, history, science and much, much more.

Plus, the style of the book is very easy on the eye. With the entries written in A-Z style, you can check out the Contents and Index and dip into whichever sections catch your eye at any given moment. And there's plenty of those sections to choose from, too!

When it comes to UFOs and Forteana, you'll find much on Roswell, alien abductions, the Men in Black, crop circles, the Montauk controversy, Remote-Viewing, underground alien bases, and much more.

In terms of ancient mysteries, entries on Noah's Ark, the Pyramids of Egypt, Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Shroud of Turin get pride of place.

Suspicious deaths feature heavily, too, including those of a mountain of scientists, Princess Diana, JFK and Vincent Foster.

For fans of the weirder side of conspiracy theorizing, cattle-mutilations, black-helicopters, the Philadelphia Experiment, and HAARP all come into the mix.

Then there are those historical - and sometimes outrageous and dark - conspiracies relative to such controversies as Japan's Unit 731, and the Catholic Church abuse scandal.

Finally, we are exposed to the downright disturbing and sinister theories relative to possible plans to reduce the size of the human population, biochip implants, the weird wave of bird and fish deaths of late 2010 and early 2011, West Nile Virus, and the New World Order.

And, coupled with an extensive number of good illustrations, Brad and Sherry Steiger's Conspiracies and Secret Societies is an excellent addition to the field of conspiracy research, and one that will be ideal reading for either the long term student of such matters, or someone new to it all and wondering what is really going on in our world - and maybe even beyond it, too.

Long may the Steiger's (hard-working humans or super-fast keyboard users from the stars) continue to do what they do!

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