Monday, July 30, 2012

Amazingly Roswell-like!

Dr. Dave Clarke has an excellent new post at his blog that you should not miss. And, if you do, I'll send the MIB around "for a chat."

This is a very good article that tells us a great deal about how real events can become mixed in with folklore, rumor and much more - to the point where a tale of near-Roswell proportions develops.

Dave begins like this:

"Picture the scene: A shepherd visiting a remote area stumbles upon strange wreckage strewn across the ground which could be the remains of a crashed spaceship. The debris consists of pieces of unusual metal and strange drawings. On reporting his find at the local police station, search teams and military personnel descend on the area. The wreckage disappears – no one knows where – and civilians are told to ‘keep quiet about it.’

"You are probably thinking ‘Roswell, New Mexico, 1947’.

"But no, this incident occurred in the Scottish Highlands one spring morning in 1962. It has uncanny links to its American cousin, even down to the ‘cover story’ used hide the true identity and purpose of the ‘crashed spaceship.’"

And here's where you can find the complete article on what I am very tempted to call "McRoswell."

But, that wouldn't be politically correct, would it? Well, I've never been a fan of political correctness anyway...

One final thing: who doubts that, fifty years from now, there will be no less than seventeen books available on this affair? It will be discussed in hallowed tones where the UFO faithful gather. And the Ministry of Defense will try and lay it all to rest with confusing tales of weather balloons and (when the "bodies" angle finally surfaces, as it inevitably will one day) crash-test dummies.

The new Roswell: surely destined to become the same as the old one! Methinks that means it's time to slit my wrists!

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