Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sex and Mysticism

Red Pill Junkie regularly posts comments here and he also writes for Intrepid mag. His latest post for them - Eros & Ufos: The Repressed Sexual Aspect of Mystical Experiences (Part 1) - kicks off as follows:

"UFO polls have been all the rage lately, and not just in the US. Last month a local Panamanian newspaper published the results of a survey conducted among 1200 people between June 7th & 20th, and some of the results they obtained were far more interesting –and provocative!– than the ones reported by Nat Geo.

"Of the 6% who claimed to have witnessed a unidentified flying object, 37% also reported an increase in their sexual appetite immediately after the sighting. There were other results obtained by the poll, but as you can probably imagine it was this particular figure the thing caught the attention of the Latin American media, which proceeded to treat it with the customary level of seriousness they felt the topic deserved –EXTRA! UFOS ARE THE BEST APHRODISIAC.

"Those of us who have dared to study the UFO field however, are able to go beyond the giggle factor. For we know that as much as some try to repress it, the truth is there’s an undeniable relationship between the human libido and the Fortean world."

And here's the full article, which I definitely recommend, as it's an aspect of Forteana that far too many steer away from.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Nick —as well as the accounts of your personal encounters with demonic spirit wenches, which will no doubt figure prominently on the 2nd part ;)