Monday, July 2, 2012

One Of The Strangest...

In a new post at his UFOs - Scientific Research blog, Keith Basterfield writes:

"The disappearance of Australian pilot Frederick Valentich, on 21 October 1978, over Bass Strait, Australia, has always intrigued global UFO researchers. Valentich, flying a light aircraft, registration VH-DSJ, disappeared on a flight from Moorabbin airport, Melbourne, Victoria, to King Island in Bass Strait. Neither he, nor his aircraft, have been seen since. He reported seeing an unusual object in the sky, during the flight."

Well, now the official files on the affair have been declassified, and you can find the full story right here.


  1. Well, it's interesting that Valentich vanished and (despite a few rumours of having been seen later) never conclusively resurfaced, and nor did his plane.

    But, we do have to realize too that he had a pre-existing interest in UFOs. That may or may not be important and relevant. Does that mean he used the phenomenon as a means to stage a way of secretly starting a new life, in another part of the world? Pretend he had been taken by aliens and start fresh somewhere else, under a new name etc?

    I dont know. But I do know that the total disappearance is something that inevitably places this case in a category of significance. But, significant in what way, I'm just not sure.

    1. Well, the official report states some aircraft did spot some wreckage that MIGHT have been remains of his Cessna, but when they went for another look it was gone.

      And his pre-existing interest in UFOs is explained because he saw one with his mom one night. A light 10 times brighter than any star.

      He had failed his last 2 tests even though he lied about it to his flight instructor and family. It's been suggested he might have planned to take his own life, and staged the UFO report to make it look more grandiose. I must concede that at this moment this is a very plausible explanation.

      I looked at the whole report last Saturday. I tried to read as much as possible although some pages were undecipherable —atrocious hand-writing!— and others delved in technical jargon that go beyond my knowledge.

      I found it fascinating, though. Here was a guy who's the complete opposite of me: not very bright, yet very determined to reach his goals. I wish someday we can find an answer to his disappearance.

  2. I have to confess I havent yet read the file, but from what you have said it does look like a more down to earth explanation is more likely.