Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Cinema of Secrets

One of the many reasons I like living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is that it's filled with history, strange secrets and deep intrigue. And far more than a few of those issues relate to the JFK assassination of 1963.

This looks like a couple of shots of me hanging out at an old theatre, right? Well, you're correct! But, this is no ordinary theatre. This is that theatre. You know, the one where Lee Harvey Oswald got arrested after killing (or not killing!) the president on that fateful day.

And in the almost half a century that has now gone by since the infamous murder took place, the place has really not changed at all.

I'll perhaps load a few more images of intrigue from the DFW area over the next few weeks...


  1. "God Bless America Beyond the Black Rainbow"


    So, is this theater still showing movies? Does it have some sort of plaque or reference to LHO?

  2. Yeah, they put films on all the time. I looked around but didn't see a plaque. It would probably get stolen!