Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Bigfoot And UFOs Meet

For most Ufologists and Cryptozoologists, when it comes to their research it's a case of under no circumstances must the two be allowed to cross paths - EVER! Well, too bad. There are far more than a few reports of profound Bigfoot high-strangeness out there, and a substantial number are connected to UFOs - like it or like it not.

One of the people who has commented on this matter is Fortean author, Ronan Coghlan. And on the matter of Ronan's views, here's how my latest Lair of the Beasts post at on this very issue begins:

"Right now, I am putting the final touches to a new book – to be titled Wildman! – that will be an in-depth and extensive study of a very strange and controversial subject: Bigfoot in Britain. Not a subject that you hear too much about, but one that very much exists. It is, however, the nature of that existence that is important. Many researchers of the phenomenon are convinced that people do see such creatures in the UK, but that they are not the flesh and blood beasts they appear to be. One of the people I have interviewed extensively for Wildman! is Ronan Coghlan, the author of a number of acclaimed books, including A Dictionary of Cryptozoology and – with Gary Cunningham – The Mystery Animals of Ireland."

And here's the complete article.

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