Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reviewing Real Wolfmen

In a new post at Mysterious Universe, I begin with the following words on a certain, new book that - if you're into werewolves - you really must buy!

"If I was to ask you what two words are most relevant to the phenomenon of werewolves and lycanthropes you might well say “Full” and “Moon.” Or, “Silver” and “Bullet.” Well, you’re definitely on the right track, but I say those two words are “Linda” and “Godfrey”! Yep, not only is Linda the most well-known chronicler of all-things wolfman-themed, but she’s certainly the most prolific one, too. Check out her track record to date: The Beast of Bray Road; Hunting the American Werewolf; Werewolves; and The Michigan Dogman. And, not forgetting Weird Wisconsin and Monsters of Wisconsin – both of which contain insightful data on such creepy critters. But, now for the news: Linda is back with yet another book on the subject. Its title: Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America."

And here's my full review of Linda's book...

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