Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knock, Knock, Who's There? Bigfoot!

In a new post at her blog, Linda Godfrey (The Beast of Bray Road, Real Wolfmen) begins...

"If a tree branch falls in the forest …

"Sunday, July 8, 2012, at about 7:30 PM, I decided to take a short hike in a little area of southern Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine area that I’ve walked for about 19 years without incident. While strolling along next to a deep kettle, a huge bowl-shaped depression left by the last glacier, I noticed three young saplings had been bent over by someone or something to form a perfect rainbow-styled arch. I know this sort of formation can happen naturally, but some people believe Bigfoot creates these tree sculptures for various reasons. Anyway, it made me start wondering if this could be a good habitat for a Sasquatch.

"That gave me the idea to pick up a stick and bang on a nearby tree a few times, just as a lark. I’ve never been sure about the efficacy of having a crowd of Bigfoot hunters pounding trees en masse, but I think it might not seem so much of a threatening invasion if there are only one or two people hitting a tree – keeping in mind that we still don’t know for sure what such knocks might mean to a ‘Squatch."

Well, Linda got an answer to those knocks - and a pretty amazing one too!


  1. I don't want to dampen the fire here but I've seen these formations in the UK woodlands, and found that trees can actually grow this way. It's no mystery. Problem is, when we have no answer...we always blame Bigfoot, or aliens! Surely if Bigfoot is makig these 'nests' then there will be hair strands left behind ?

  2. Well Im from the UK , and I have never seen bent over saplings, like a rainbow , and I work for the forestry commission , I would say it was evidence of Bigfoot activity in that area, from what i know , Sasquatch do not randomly bend saplings , Its some kind of marking , I would say you have them in that area, probably living close , you need a sharp eye to spot them, because when people are close to them, they will hide and keep still, so in in the dark shaded areas close to where you found this, they will be there.

  3. APE*Lobo - you may have never seen bent over saplings in the UK, but why blame a creature never proven to exist for the bent over trees in the US ? Seems a rather bizarre statement to question my observations of bent over saplings in the UK, and yet suggest there are hairy hominids in the US. A creature as allegedly hair-covered as Sasquatch would leave more traces, faeces, hair etc yet these are not found. Maybe they are as rare, or as non-existent in the US as bent over saplings in the UK!