Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nick's Pick of the Day 1

I used to have a blog (which still exists: just check to the right-side of this page and you'll find a link to it) called Nick's Pic of the Day, where I would post photos ranging from the bizarre to the paranormal, and the absurd to the downright stupid.

But, I have decided to slightly alter that "Pic of the Day" angle to "Pick of the Day."

That's right: I thought why not bring to your attention - each and every 24-hours - something that's on my mind.

And, today, it's Vice Squad!

Vice Squad are one of my all-time favourite band of punks that I wish had made it massive - you know, like Green Day or Blink 182 massive. They didn't, unfortunately, but they're still going, with punk goddess Beki Bondage still at the helm, still energised, and still turning out classic punk rock.

And I chose to include the cover of their Rich and Famous CD not only because I have been cranking it out in the car a lot lately, but because it's bloody excellent too!

As an author of many books, I'm often asked: If you had a choice of anything, what subject would you most like to write about? Well, it always surprises many to find that my usual output of UFOs, Bigfoot, werewolves, etc would be way down the list.

I read far more autobiographies and biographies than I do books on weird shit - and particularly bios on rockers - which is one of the reasons I wrote Celebrity Secrets.

Since my all-time faves, The Ramones, have been the subject of biographies and autobiographies almost to the point of saturation (same for the Sex Pistols), a bio on Vice Squad (a band on whose music I grew up and whose Last Rockers I almost played to death as a teenager) would be the ultimate dream writing gig!

Long live the Squad!

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