Thursday, July 12, 2012

More on the Blair Story

Here's a couple of additional items on this new release of UFO files in Britain - one from England's Daily Telegraph newspaper, and the other from Dr. Dave Clarke's site, which is without doubt the most accurate and detailed account of the affair.

And I've already had an email arrive this morning from what is clearly a paid-up member of the tinfoil hat brigade, ranting on about me being one of (what else?) "them." I suspect this means I'm supposed to work for "the government."

It says a lot about certain people in Ufology when I try and open a few doors to get the files released and I end up - 15 years later - getting this (copy-pasted below without corrections from me to the shitty spelling and punctuation):

"If they read youer book then they must have spoken to you about it. Theres a belief you wree part of the process of getting people ready and these files prove it." No-one spoke to me, and no I'm not "getting people ready" for anything. Although, if I ever meet this fool I may get them ready for a broken jaw.

I wrote A Covert Agenda 15 years ago, and thought that - because the book contained official papers on UFOs, many of which had not been seen publicly before - it might be a good idea to send a copy to Blair in the hope - even the remote hope - that it could, in theory, lead to a positive development or several. And that's it.

In fact, since I heard no more - beyond receiving a standard reply along the lines of: "Thank you for your book, blah, blah, blah..." - I forgot about the whole thing until yesterday, when I was told about the files and the references contained in them to my book.

That won't stop the tin-foil terrors from coming up with additional claims, I'm sure. If they do, I'll be sure to post them here.

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