Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mac Tonnies' Blog Preserved

This is excellent news from Mike Clelland: the late Mac Tonnies' Posthuman Blues blog has been preserved in its entirety.

After Mac's very tragic, early death in 2009, a lot of people wondered what would become of Mac's blog, his work, photos and more. Well, now we have an answer: it's all safely preserved thanks to the dedicated work of Mark Platner.

Check out Mike C's post for all the info on this breaking development.

That's me and Mac in late 2006 in the Halifax, Nova Scotia offices of Paul Kimball.


  1. I love how Mac's site is being preserved for posterity, yet I still feel someone should prepare a written anthology of the essays he posted at PostHuman Blues, divided according to their many categories —transhumanism, Ufology, Space exploration, etc.

    Maybe this is kind of a quaint proposal, given how Mac was pretty much a writer of this new millennium, and without the web he wouldn't have attained such a large following.

    What can I say, I'm a hopeless book fetishist ;)

  2. Reply to RPG:

    I brought that up with the editor at ANOMALOUS books, that there could be a beautiful book with essays from PostHuman Blues, and transcribed excerpts from his many on-line interviews. I felt that this book would write itself.

    THe editor himmed and hawed, but I still think this would be a great and rewarding project.

    Mike C!

    1. Well, I have nothing against Anomalous, they have published many wonderful things and I'm a big fan—but it's not like they're the only publishing company for Fortean books ;)

      Maybe we could propose this to Greg who runs Daily Grail Publishings. The book could have Mac's illustrations, as well as some of yours too, Mike :D

  3. Personally, I think it would be a great idea, but I think - knowing how they work - that most publishers might think: will people buy the book if ALL the data is freely available on the Net? Just few articles online would be different, but I suspect this might have an impact on a publisher's decision. But, hey, if I was a publisher I would go for it!

    1. The book would need to have an added content. Perhaps some commentaries written by people like you, Greg and Paul about why what Mac wrote was important, and how it differed from what UFOlogists were saying at that time.

      And I do feel there's something about how content is presented. The blog format is good enough, but sometimes you need more in order to adequately portray an idea, to expand upon it, to force the reader to reflect on it.

      The book could also be peppered with 'personal spinets' from personal friends of Mac. They would share how Mac influenced their life and their personal views.

      Hmmm... maybe I'm thinking bigger than a book. Maybe I'm thinking about a whole documentary. Well, why not? A book and a docu! You can't never have too much Tonnies as far as I'm concerned :D

      PS: Besides, we're in the age of DIY funding, are we not? Indiegogo anyone? ;)