Monday, July 23, 2012

The Aztec UFO Controversy

Well, I'm back online a day earlier than anticipated after lecturing down in Houston yesterday - which was a fine time, thanks to a very cool group, Paranormal Planet.

So, it's now back to work, blogging etc.

I have a new post up at Mysterious Universe, the subject of which is the infamous and controversial alleged UFO crash at Hart Canyon, Aztec, New Mexico in 1948.

Although this is a case that tends to split people into two camps - those who think the event really occurred and those who conclude it was all a gigantic hoax - there is a third possibility: that elements of the secret world of officialdom played a role in promoting the event, for very obscure reasons...

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  1. "As both the Aztec affair and the Spitsbergen case demonstrate, however, we might have a better chance of resolving the crashed UFO enigma by digging into the 1947-era-onwards world of military psychological warfare operations than by looking for little men with big black eyes…"

    That would indeed be the case among individuals sincerely trying to conduct quality research, anyway. Thanks for the post.

    I have developed the opinion most people interested in UFOs and subsequently the 1940's era fail to adequately take the intelligence community into account. In order to competently factor such components into the equation, one must invest as much effort in researching psy ops and related topics as they do testimonies of alleged alien cadavers and the like. This is simply not happening much more often than not.

    The overall lack of understanding military mentality is commonly demonstrated in such perspectives as supposing integrity should have anything to do with releasing info surrounding deception operations. Even the speculation of 'disclosure' itself over simplifies complex dynamics, and the over simplification results in large part from failing to adequately consider the significance of the global intel community. I appreciate your more reasoned and thorough approach, whatever the ultimate answers may eventually prove to be.