Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Encounters With The Unusual

"Random encounters with the unusual is a repository for the oddities that me and Mrs J have encountered on our travels, which we find interesting or amusing in some way. Have a look, maybe you will find something interesting," says blogger Paul Jackson.

This is not a blog solely focused upon Forteana, but is an excellent, varied, entertaining and highly intriguing blog that is filled with fascinating folklore, cool photos and much humor. Oh, yes, and downright, surreal weirdness too!

Paul has only recently established the blog, but it already has a cool identity and vibe, and it's one that I would urge you to keep checking out!


  1. Nick, many thanks for the kind words.



  2. Hey Nick,I saw you on the AA show,which led me here. I have no second grade in memory or fact. They had me for a year,had me stapled to a board next to Bigfoot while they tested our reactions on a large screen above us. Do you have any idea what it's like to have your parent's look at you like you are one of them and you're only eight year's old? Bigfoot is our anti-matter, the Agent Smith to our Neo's. It is created from our unrealized fears at an unconscious level we haven't reached yet. I have been within 50 feet of bigfoot when I was 5 and just a few years ago. The only reason anyone sees Bigfoot is because it wants you to, you personally.